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Investing should be simple.

Now it is. 

Digit helps match you with the right portfolio for your goals and finds the right amount to save each day.

*Illustrations seen on this page are hypothetical in nature and do not reflect actual investment results. Investments may lose value and are not guaranteed to be profitable

Start investing for what matters most to you

Even small amounts can help you reach your long-term financial goals.  Digit looks for safe amounts to invest every day to a fund that can grow over time.

It’s simple and quick

Just the right amount

Invest with confidence

Answer a  few quick questions and Digit will match you with a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds that matches your risk level.

Digit helps you invest strategically for the long term, not for risky short term gains. Stay informed on your portfolio’s progress anytime in the app.

Digit learns what you can afford and invests in the best portfolio for your goals. Now you can invest without changing your day to day spending.

How does it work?

Step 1

Answer a few questions, and Digit will help match you with the best portfolio for you based on your long-term goals.

Step 2

Digit connects to your checking account and intelligently sets aside what you can afford to invest in your portfolio. This usually happens a few times per week.

Step 3

Check in on your portfolio anytime in the app. You can also control how Digit invests by boosting, pausing or setting a daily limit.

Investing FAQs

Have questions? We have answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, such as...

  • How much do I need to start investing?
  • What is a portfolio?
  • How does Digit decide on my investment portfolio?
  • Can I purchase individual stocks on Digit? 

Investing and more for one flat fee

Try Digit free for 30 days, then $5 per month

Digit will help you invest alongside any other financial goals you have. Make progress on savings goals big and small, pay off debt faster, and avoid overdraft fees.

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